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Agnes Water & 1770: Captain Cook, a boat ride and immense beauty.

Today we have been on the road for 4 weeks. Time appears to wobble when you are on holiday. It feels like we have been away for ever and simultaneously we just left home. Days seem to have merged. Naming them without referral to a phone, a calendar or counting back to the last time I recognised which day it was, has become a welcome challenge.

We are adapting, modifying and growing. Just as I had hoped.

Agnes Water and 1770 are small adjacent coastal towns. In 2016 the population was around 2000 people. Post Covid, locals estimate it's somewhere between 5000 and 6000. Development is running wild here. I can see why people want to live here. The beauty is immense, breathtaking and in every direction. Mountains, inlets, tidal beaches, lush and steep, this place is simply stunning. To get here you turn off the highway and travel about 60km down the only road in or out. It's pretty remote, so the services here are beyond what you would expect for the historically small population.

Our caravan park is in Agnes Water right on the beach. We are in the brand new section which is lovely.

Last time we came up to visit the Oster's in January, Simon took Hugo out on his lovely big boat (the one we squeezed in next to in their driveway) to experience the exhilaration of ocean fishing. They got up at 4am, Simon picked up one of his prescribed egg and bacon pies from his local drive through Banjos Bakery and they headed out. Hugo chose not to eat, as he didn't want to be sick. He definitely was not going to be sick this time.

2 hours of flat out motoring took them 50km off shore to Simon's favourite spot. After about 10 minutes of trawling they pulled up at a good spot for fishing. 5 minutes later and Hugo is hurling over the edge. 10 minutes later they have started the 2 hour passage back to shore. Hugo apparently is not an ocean fisherman.

Accordingly, to cater to Hugo's obsession with fishing and his stomach's adversity to open water, we opted for a 1/2 day charter of a barbie boat with a Skipper to cruise the inlet at 1770. Richard picked us up off the jetty and treated us to a fantastic morning of fishing, sight seeing and conversation.

We headed out into the mangroves.

Hugo caught a Brim.

Glen caught a Flounder.

This reminded me of people back home taking their dogs for a run out the bush along side the ute, this is how you do it 1770 style.

Sometimes you're so thirsty you need a bowl of water with ice.

We swam every day at Agnes Water main beach.

The Countess Russell Anchor. A good place to look for a fishing spot.

Found one!

Rock Pools and Caves.

Waiting for fish and chips from the 'Rusty Pelican' 1770.

Remote control mower. Makes mowing the steep bits easier.

Sunday Morning markets. Pineapples for miles.

Endeavour Lookout 1770

Pesto pasta with Gran's home made home grown, hand delivered pesto. Thanks Gran.

We have really loved Agnes Water and 1770. We have a few more days here and then we are off to Elliot Heads.

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