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Burrum Heads: Breathing out, 3m tides, beach walks and a flathead.

Updated: May 9

Burrum Heads is a gorgeous sleepy little town just North of Hervey Bay. Population 2000. Originally called Traviston is was renamed Burrum Heads is the 1950's. Burrum is the traditional Butchulla Nations name for grey possum.

We could all feel the change from the hectic pace of the Sunny Coast and welcomed the deep breath out that Burrum Heads delivered.

We arrived at low tide and Hugo was keen to head out to the sandbars to see if he could catch a fish. Rose and I headed to Foodworks across the road. Not surprisingly the Supermarket is also the bank, the post office, the newsagents, the ice cream parlour and the bait shop. We took a moment to appreciate the convenience of a supermarket a 50m walk across the road and not in a humungous shopping centre on the other side of a bustling car park. Did I mention breathing out?

Our caravan park was situated right on the Burrum River, so a quick walk downstream and Hugo was set to go. Burrum Heads experiences a 3m tidal variance, so when the tide is out it's right out.

I suggested Hugo should try and catch a flathead, the area is known for them and it's my favourite eating fish. He said he would see what he could do!

As Hugo fished we watched wind surfers fly past, adeptly change direction and head back out to the break where they joined 10's of others. If you look carefully in the first photo you can see the windsurfers as tiny little dots on the horizon.

Hugo had some luck and caught a flathead. Not quite big enough to eat but still exciting.

That night hundreds of parrots came home to roost at the caravan park. For about an hour the noise was incredible. It was really loud but quite beautiful.

The next day we headed in to Hervery Bay to pick up a few things from BCF. It poured rain the whole time we were there and looked set in for the day, so Hugo suggested we head to Timezone. The rest of us weren't that keen, but Hugo was persistent. We all ended up having a terrific time. Hugo is pretty good at guiding us all to the fun stuff!

I strutted my stuff on the dance machine. It was pretty funny.

Crossy Road big screen.

Hugo actually broke the record on the punching bag.

It looks like Landcruisers breed up here too!

Hugo was up at 6am each morning to fish and caught the last of the light at night.

Before we left home Rose enrolled in a Certificate IV in Fitness with The Australian Institute of Fitness. She is doing a great job of adapting and studying on the road. She is really enjoying learning all about the fitness industry, and the body.

After three days in the quiet calm of Burrum Heads we are off to Agnes Water and 1770.

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